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Bellefonte Little House

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Bellefonte Borough is the home of a Little House, a safe place wherein Girl Scouts are able to meet. There used to be hundreds of Little Houses, but now there are only 11 active Houses left in the entire United States. The care and support of the Girl Scout Council Little House here in Bellefonte has been taken over by Friends of Bellefonte Little House, a non-profit organization formed to help keep a piece of Girl Scout history alive in our own backyard. Friends of Bellefonte Little House is asking the community to help keep this Little House going. The house needs some upgrades as well as funds to keep the utilities going each month. Friends of Bellefonte Little House has replaced the old, outdated furnace with a new, energy efficient one but there are other items that need replaced such as light fixtures, doors, windows, updated wiring, and WiFi. Please consider making a charitable, tax-deductible contribution to Friends of Bellefonte Little House, 209 Limestone Dr., Bellefonte, PA 16823.

Another way to help is when you order from Amazon. Go to “,” pick “Friends of Bellefonte Little House” and Amazon will donate a percentage of the total that you spend to “Friends of Bellefonte Little House.” It is an easy way to contribute and costs you nothing extra every time you place an order through Amazon.