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ReadyPA Monthly January 2019

“Happy New Year from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the ReadyPA Team.  As we enter January, we would like to stress the importance of safe driving over the winter months.  The January 2019 ReadyPA Monthly provides some winter driving tips and safe driving practices to help you navigate Pennsylvania roadways.

Did you know that although your pets are covered in fur, many just aren’t equipped to be out in frigid temperatures for prolonged periods?  This issue of the ReadyPA Monthly provides suggestions to help your animals stay healthy throughout the winter.

Finally, the State Meteorologist has provided information on the “chilling dangers of cold weather.”

The January Action Sheet contains information provided by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.  Be sure to practice these “10 musts for winter driving.”

We encourage you to share this newsletter and action sheet. Both the ReadyPA Monthly and the Action Sheet are available at www.Ready.PA.gov [1] or you can view it by clicking on ReadyPA Monthly January 2019 [2].”