Borough of Bellefonte

Vacancies: Authorities, Boards and Commissions

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Zoning Hearing Board

The Board hears requests for variances and appeals of the determination made by the Zoning Officer, where it is alleged that the provisions of the zoning ordinance inflict unnecessary hardship upon the applicant.  The Board is made up of five members and meets on an as-needed basis.

For more information regarding the Zoning Hearing Board, please click here.

There is currently one full-time vacancy and one alternate vacancy on this Board.


Historical and Architectural Review Board (HARB):

The purpose of HARB is to offer advice and counsel to Bellefonte Borough Council concerning the erection, reconstruction, alteration, restoration, demolition or razing of all or any part of a building or structure located within the boundaries of the Historical and Architectural Review Board District and visible from a public right-of-way. For this purpose, the Historical and Architectural Review Board may make and alter rules and regulations for its own organization and procedure.

HARB shall be composed of seven members and at least one alternate member, recommended by HARB, and approved by Council. Of the seven members, one shall be a registered architect, one a licensed real estate broker, one the Borough building official, one a business person whose principal place of business is located within the HARB-regulated historic district, and three additional persons with a knowledge of and interest in historic preservation.

HARB’s regularly scheduled meetings shall be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month unless circumstances warrant a postponement.

For more information, a copy of HARB’s By-Laws can be found by clicking here

There is currently one alternate vacancy on this Board.


Vacancies/Interest in Authorities, Boards and Commissions

Consider Becoming More Involved
Many different Authorities, Boards and Commissions (ABCs) have been formed to support Bellefonte Borough’s elected officials and staff. This overview covers the various ABCs and their functions and includes an application form for anyone interested in serving on one of these bodies. Your completed application (please attach a resume to the application) will aid Borough officials in filling vacancies on the ABCs. Those individuals who devote their time, energy, and know-how to the ABCs are a vital part of Bellefonte Borough. We could not function without their expertise and dedication. Please read this overview. Some appoints require borough residency while others do not. Think about how you can help your local officials make your community even better. For more information, call the Bellefonte Borough Administrative Office at (814) 355-1501, or e-mail at [email protected]

Click here to view Bellefonte Borough’s volunteer opportunities overview and application.