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Volunteer Opportunities Overview and Application

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Consider Becoming More Involved
Many different Authorities, Boards and Commissions (ABCs) have been formed to support Bellefonte Borough’s elected officials and staff. This overview covers the various ABCs and their functions and includes an application form for anyone interested in serving on one of these bodies. Your completed application (please attach a resume to the application) will aid Borough officials in filling vacancies on the ABCs. Those individuals who devote their time, energy, and know-how to the ABCs are a vital part of Bellefonte Borough. We could not function without their expertise and dedication. Please read this overview. Some appoints require borough residency while others do not. Think about how you can help your local officials make your community even better. For more information, call the Bellefonte Borough Administrative Office at (814) 355-1501, or e-mail at [email protected]

Click here to view Bellefonte Borough’s volunteer opportunities overview and application.

2017 Point-in-Time Homeless Survey

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Every year, Centre County takes part in a statewide initiative called Point-in-Time (PIT) to provide outreach and collect valuable data on our unsheltered homeless population. Often times, this population may be found living in a tent, a car, a hallway, a campground site, abandoned building, or even under a bridge. They may also be finding respite at various retailers, restaurants, libraries and other community buildings.

This year, teams will be out in the community on Thursday, January 26, looking to connect with the unsheltered population to ask where they slept the night before, provide care packages, and offer assistance from a variety of community services and programs. Additionally, teams are also interested in speaking with individuals and families who are homeless, but “doubled-up” (i.e., staying with family and/or friends), and not considered unsheltered for this count. This would give teams the opportunity to provide information about our county’s emergency, temporary, and permanent housing options.

In an effort to most effectively connect with these individuals and families, Centre County Office of Adult Services is asking for your assistance. If you know the whereabouts of someone who is unsheltered or “doubling-up,” please contact Faith R. Ryan, Director, via email ([email protected]) or phone (814-355-6768) no later than Monday, January 23.

2017 Budget

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Click here to view a copy of Bellefonte Borough’s 2017 budget.

Unordained Streets Opinion

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Click here to see the opinion of the Borough Counsel, Jeffrey W. Stover, Esq., regarding unordained streets in Bellefonte.

Waterfront Benches

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The Borough would like to thank everyone who purchased a bench for the Waterfront area. The benches add to the beauty of the area and allow visitors to sit and enjoy the view.

At this point in time, we are no longer accepting any orders for additional benches.

Office Hour Correction for Bellefonte Borough School Tax Bill

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There is a correction to the tax collector’s hours for the 2016 School Tax that was mailed out. Debra Burger’s hours are as follows:


August and September:   Tuesdays 8AM to 12PM    and    Thursdays 7PM to 9PM


She will also have hours Wednesday, September 21, and Friday, September 30, from 8AM to 12PM.

Biosolids – Borough Authority Press release 06062016

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Biosolids – Borough Authority Press release 06062016

Press Release–Memo re Biosolids

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Memo re Biosolids – Press release

Memo re Biosolids

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Memo re Biosolids – Community

BIOSOLIDS–Understanding Biosolids Land Application in the Community

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Biosolids–Understanding Biosolids Land Application in the Community